By Staff Reporters, Charleston City Paper, May 19, 2023 –

In an unusual move, S.C. State Ports Authority (SPA) officials may try to advance the Union Pier redevelopment proposal to a vote from the Charleston Planning Commission without a stamp of approval from a city review committee, according to media reports.

The Technical Review Committee, which reviews the finer points of proposals such as storm water management and parking requirements, asked the port to revise its zoning document May 18 and return it before the committee to show the revisions. However, the real estate development firm Lowe, hired by the SPA, may not bring the proposal back since the port had already requested review from the planning commission, according to The Post and Courier.

Meanwhile, advocacy groups like the Historic Charleston Foundation and Coastal Conservation League voiced their concerns over the proposal of the area’s redevelopment at the Union Pier Advocacy Forum Thursday evening, claiming the designs would impact the integrity of the city’s history and skyline.